Our Focus

The Humanities and Social Sciences are specifically chosen for IRCHSSA’s academic foci as a result of the fundamental importance of these scholarly fields in fashioning, nurturing, shaping and advancing the scope of human ideas.

Our Commitment

IRCHSSA is committed towards promoting and disseminating cutting-edge researches that tackle and interrogate issues concerning African people and their societies.

Our Belief

It is our firm belief that interrogating ideas from these dual foci (The Humanities and Social Sciences), will not only display broader perspectives on issues being grappled with, but will further deeper comprehension of social and ideological forces and factors.

Call for Papers / past and present

2016 CFP: Reimagining Freedom in Africa

AIJCSHSS Journal features special-focus book editions that challenge scholars to address current issues in Africa in innovative ways. Part of the journal’s editorial policy is to provide a thematic focus for each edition of the journal.

IRCHSSSA invites well researched original papers on the theme “Reimagining Freedom in Africa” to be published in the 2016 edition of her special-focus journal.

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Gender and Governance in Africa

In this edition entitled “Gender and Governance,” the journal boasts of two subsections “Gender” and “Governance” where many scholarly papers from Humanities and Social Sciences address contemporary issues in Africa from this foci. Thus all the selected essays in this edition interrogate ideas, issues and practices that address issues of “Gender” and “Governance” in Africa and African Diaspora from various field of scholarship especially the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Justice and Human Dignity in Africa | Collection of Essays in Honour of Professor Austin Chukwu

Justice and Human Dignity is a collection of essays written by renowned world scholars in honour of Professor Austin Chukwu. An activist, Professor Austin Chukwu is Professor of English and the Humane Letters.

The body of essays here breaks traditional festschrift boundaries by focusing on near-uniform thematic pre-occupations from a multi-disciplinary perspective, especially the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Thus all the selected essays in this collection interrogate ideas, issues and practice that border on justice and human dignity in Africa and African Diaspora.


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