IRCHSSSA Networking

Records show that many foreign researchers not domiciled in the part of Africa on which they are researching experience great difficulty in obtaining current data or texts relevant to the nature of their research. IRCHSSA Networking provides the forum for researchers from different parts of the world to directly collaborate or network with on-the-ground-African researchers in different types of researches they are engaged in.

IRCHSSA encourages rigorous networking and collaboration among scholars working on Africa-centered researches by creating a secure platform on which researchers can connect with each other and discuss ideas and issues of mutual benefit. To ensure authenticity of contact, an IRCHSSA member/representative acts as “go-between” in all transactions done on this platform.

With IRCHSSA Network Portal
You no longer need to travel to Africa to obtain your facts about the continent.

With IRCHSSA Network Portal
Distance is no longer a barrier to obtaining primary Information or genuine data for your researches