IRCHSSA Research Collaboration/Partnership

Current trends in worldwide researches necessitate group networking and collaboration from diverse people. Such a focus implies deep and thorough investigations that embrace all manner of challenges. In the past, many researchers and sponsors have needed to travel to Africa for brief stays in other to obtain few facts about Africa. With IRCHSSA Research Collaboration, such unprepared travels are no longer necessary in modern global world. And where it is necessary for you to travel, you will feel more comfortable knowing you are coming to meet authentic friends that share similar interest in your project. IRCHSSA provides you with ready links to Africa-based African professionals in various fields who can partner with you on your researches.

How Does IRCHSSA Research Collaboration/Partnership work?

Contact us via this email with your request, indicating your field/area of research interest and the type of assistance you require. Provide us with two email addresses of possible referees from whom we shall authenticate your claims. Thereafter we search, locate and link you with an on-the-ground-African Professional that share similar interest(s) in your research area.